While the market requires speed and growth.  companies are reluctant to hire in the face of inflexible  labour legislation.

In this context, interim management stands out as a positive alternative to an employee-based economy.The interim manager, an experienced senior consultant used to high-stakes , is a competitive asset for companies. Their mission encompasses the following tasks :

  • Strengthen a business
  • Recover a subsidiary
  • Improve business performance
  • Carry out  a strategic project such as the launch of a  new product and external growth
  • Replace a manager temporarily


You need an operational expert, interim manager, for a limited period of time: our  community  of interim managers, all senior consultants, is here to support you.

Thanks to our expert network, we meet your needs for both temporary and part-time assignments in all business activities:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Ressources
  • Information Technology


Find your Interim Manager in 4 steps:

  • Defining the scope of the assignment : You need an interim manager for a limited period of time. Expose your specific issue to us: crisis management, strategic project, performance improvement, replacement of an executive manager. We answer within 24 hours and specify with you the assignment’s content and the goals to be achieved.
  • Appointing the interim manager and contracting : We select and present you with your operational expert within 48 hours. We then formalize our agreement putting in practice our vision of the sharing economy.
  • Following-up the assignment : The interim manager executes the  agreed action plan and proposes key indicators  as well as regular meetings to  the follow-up with the mission  and guarantee its good execution.
  • Closing the assignment and handover : The interim manager transfers all files to  his/her successor and prepares the team to the handover thanks to change management.He/she  produces a final report to  the top management


“What I like about Euleos is  its open-minded, and caring spirit where a true and authentic business relation can be established. Also the will to take the best of each one to transform it into drive and give-life-to (create/ produce). It is a new vision of work that combines professionalism and satisfaction, thoroughness and sharing, will to work in community, within a network based on simple and shared ethics. An audacious combination that stands out as a new model.”

Chantal Verzaux – Hélion conseil